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St. Andrew Academy is a rich community of students, parents and educators that work hard, enjoy learning and having some fun together.  I was told once that a good education can change a life, a village, a country and I believe that! Education is a passion of mine, and I know that a good education helps students realize who they are as children of God. I am amazed at the infinite potential with which God has endowed each of us. That potential can be tapped with a great education!

St. Andrew Academy is a place that offers “something more” in an education. We are a faith-based school that offers an academic program rooted in the knowledge that each child is created uniquely, with dignity and grace (in every sense of that word). Our team of educators at St. Andrew Academy works with parents to help our students acquire the skills needed to realize their own goals and develop into the people God intends them to be.  We emphasize student-centered learning and are working towards implementing effective blended-learning programs.

You might wonder what this ‘something more’ is all about.  It’s about staff that go above and beyond and offer extra help weekly at no extra cost before or after school. We have 15 clubs that students participate in. Some of these are:  Chinese Club, Yoga Club, Book Club, Campus Ministry, Rugby Club, Get Fit Club, Newspaper Club, Yearbook Club, Girl Scouts and Karate.  

We welcome visitors to St. Andrew Academy and would like to speak with you in person about what we offer to help students realize their potential. Stop by, give us a call or an email so we can share more with you.  

Mrs. Lori J. Wilson, Principal

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