Teachers and Staff

At St. Andrew Academy the faculty and staff form a team of warm, collaborative, hard-working professionals. Our teachers are highly trained, many holding advanced degrees, and share a commitment to do whatever it takes to help your child succeed academically, spiritually and socially.


Mrs. Lori J Wilson, Principal - lwilson@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Mrs. Maddie Angelo, Administrative Assistant
- mangelo@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Mrs. Kara Justo, Dean of Students
 - kjusto@catholicacademybridgeport.org 

Father Eugene Szantyr, Pastor 

Mr. James Plucker, Maintenance 


Mrs. Erin Schultz - eschultz@catholicacademybridgeport.org
Ms. Raquel Ramos, Pre-K Teacher Aide
Mrs. Ann Zold, Pre-K Teacher Aide


Mrs. Shannon Giordano - sgiordano@catholicacademybridgeport.org
Mrs. Melissa MacConnie, Kindergarten Teacher Aide

Grade 1 

Ms. Katherine Brennan - kbrennan@catholicacademybridgeport.org
Mrs. Kesha Reyes, Grade 1 Teacher Aide

Grade 2 

Ms. Jane Windhorst - jwindhorst@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Grade 3 

Ms. Aurore Boyle - aboyle@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Grade 4 

Mrs. Deb Shea - dshea@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Grade 5 Co-Homeroom Teacher, Social Studies 5-8, ELA 5

Mr. Bill Pappas - wpappas@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Grade 5 Co-Homeroom Teacher, Math 

Mrs. Megan Dias - mdias@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Grade 6 Co-Homeroom Teacher, ELA 6-8

Ms. Bridgid Baird - bbaird@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher, Science

Mr. Frank Hauptmann - fhauptman@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Grade 8 Co-Homeroom Teacher, Math

Miss Victoria Rossi - vrossi@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Technology/Media Center Coordinator, Religion 5-8, Grade 6 Co-Homeroom Teacher  

Ms. Molly Smith - msmith@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Spanish, Technology, Grade 7 Co-Homeroom Teacher

Mr. Alex Morris - amorris@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Music, Grade 8 Co-Homeroom Teacher

Miss Stephanie Robinson - srobinson@catholicacademybridgeport.org

Physical Education PreK-8

Mr. Franco Dell'Olio - fdellolio@catholicacademybridgeport.org


Mrs. Lauren Dempsey - ldempsey@catholicacademybridgeport.org