Our School Culture

St. Andrew Academy draws students from the North End and from every corner of Bridgeport. While our school community may be diverse, we are united by core values, a love of learning and a friendly attitude. Many say we’re like one big family! We celebrate our diversity through multicultural activities in every grade and encourage students to share their families' heritage throughout the school year.

The St. Andrew Academy campus is a warm and happy place! Our hallways may be quiet and orderly, but our classrooms are buzzing with creativity and academic engagement. Peak inside and you’ll see students collaborating on STEM projects, solving math problems on whiteboards, dancing during “get fit” mini breaks, and singing in choir after school.

Events like Parent Appreciation Day and Student Appreciation Day make all members of the school community feel valued. Traditions like Turkey Day and our Christmas Concert bring teachers and children of all ages and faith backgrounds together in joyful celebration.